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Psychologist / Life Coach

Dr. Cheryl Meier



   Lay Minister

Welcome to your soul! My passion is to reconnect you with your remembrance of God, your Creator.  Plato said "All learning is just remembering."

"Your soul knows the way to find its home."

One of the most profound experiences in my life was my friendship with a musician named Elliott Smith. He deeply awakened my awareness.  My passion now is integrating psychology, music, art, and and true spiritual path, revealed by Jesus!


After 20 + years being a psychologist, I created this new, unique, and fun way to help you remember this "inner knowing" that God placed in each of us (See John 1:9). It's like learning how to play an instrument.  It takes time, perseverance, and discipline, but the rewards are phenomenal!  


I "stumbled" upon this gift, where I see a soul-path in everyday songs.  I teach you, here, the inner meaning in the song (just like the inner meaning of our lives here) and you develop the eyes to see and ears to hear "God's calling in your heart" or some call it your "soul's voice" more and more.  (We are created to Love God with all of our Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.) This seeing translates into a much richer, more profound experience in your life here (with persecutions that may and usually do come with this path), but more importantly, you yield yourself back to the Creator instead of living for your own flesh.


Wouldn't you like to live from your heart and soul instead of egotism and "outer personality self"? I know the pain and the futility of that path; this is how "your soul songs" "showed up" in my life.  It's like gold! I felt called to bring this beautiful healing to you!

John 1:9

"That [Jesus] was the true Light, which lighteth every man [human] that cometh into the world."


Dr Cheryl Meier

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After experiencing my own pain, and walking alongside with others in their's--I kept searching for "a better way"! They say necessity is the mother of invention! I felt like it was necessary to find a creative way that works quickly and yet lasts-- to bring us all true healing. 

We are a soul here, having a human experience. Our soul is meant to be the awake one, alive in us. When I hear certain songs, my intuition "turns on" and I see a soul path.  I often see a competing egotistic path that is vying for our consciousness, in the same song.

I find that when we enter into a song, it can do the healing much more quickly than tedious session work. It has a magical way of lifting our spirits and going beyond our regular defenses.

I'm posting my Soul Song videos here, so you can receive the teaching, then go listen to the song by the original artist. After you hear the contemplative teaching -- the original song becomes a kind of meditation, continuing to teach you, and calling you on to a higher, soul-version of yourself!