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Psychologist / Life Coach

Dr. Cheryl Meier



Mystic Teacher

Welcome to your soul! My passion is to reconnect you with your own intuition --inner knowing! 

"Your soul knows the way to find its home."

One of the most profound experiences in my life was my friendship with a musician named Elliott Smith. He deeply awakened my consciousness.  My passion now is integrating psychology, music, art, and spirituality!


After 20 + years being a psychologist, I created this new, unique, and fun way to help you develop your own "inner knowing." It's like learning how to play an instrument.  It takes time, perseverance, and discipline, but the rewards are phenomenal!  


I "stumbled" upon this gift, where I see a soul-path in everyday songs.  I teach you, here, the inner meaning in the song and you develop the eyes to see and ears to hear the "soul's voice" more and more. This seeing translates into a much richer, more profound experience in your life.


Wouldn't you like to live from your heart and soul instead of egotism and "outer personality self"? I know the pain and the futility of that path; this is how "your soul songs" "showed up" in my life.  It's like gold! I felt called to bring this beautiful healing to you!


Awakening Intuition Master Class

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