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 You are WORTH 100% Love!

Dr. Cheryl Meier, Psychologist/Life Coach

Get to know me a little better

Dr. Cheryl Meier is a Licensed Psychologist and works at her private practice located in Newport Beach; Southern California. She helps people who have recently gone through a spiritual awakening or a "dark night of the soul," and those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or wish for psychological or spiritual growth. She teaches people how to listen to their own intuition, or inner knowing, which leads us back to our Creator.

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My Message to You

It’s been so exciting but also so challenging and scary for me to keep stepping out of my comfort zone! But I long to bring love & awaken love into the deepest parts of myself and others! 

I keep saying to myself: “What do I have to lose? Nothing! So, go for it!” If we’re in a matrix for our soul’s growth & the growth of beauty and love for everyone, then why not keep taking action with the highest love possible? Be courageous! I love you, and wish you so much love on this journey! You are not alone. You are never alone.

Alone = All One.

(In Him we live and move and have our being!  Acts 17:28) 


From a young age, I learned a principle of keeping an open hand: always giving away to others the love, comfort, and wisdom I myself am receiving! Out of my pain and healing, and 20+ years of experience as a psychologist, I "stumbled" across this way to teach through popular songs.    

Much Love Always

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I Invite You

To enjoy my site!  Engage with it!  Share the link to friends so that they can transform through this course and enjoy this creative way to grow and heal through songs as well! It feels like such a beautiful way to create a consciousness shift across this whole world...through the artistry of music! I wish you so, so, so much love! Always! I appreciate so much that you entered into this realm with me! 

Love, Dr. Cheryl Meier



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